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Septic Systems

Bel Air Waterproofing installs and repairs septic systems of all types including pressure dose and sand mound.

We currently do not pump out septic tanks, but we will work with pump trucks when making repairs to existing septic systems.
If customers are not currently hooked up to public water and sewer, we are licensed to connect into county/city water and sewer if they do not wish to repair or replace their septic system.

A septic tank inspection may be required by lenders when you sell or refinance your home. The repair of a failing system is usually the seller’s responsibility, so ignoring problems with your septic system will cost you in the long run.
Proper design, installation, and maintenance of your septic system will maximize your system’s life. It will prevent failures that can be unsightly, foul-smelling, and threatening to your family’s health. Good maintenance reduces the risk of contaminating your well water, and may save you from costly repairs or system replacement.
Contact us today to discuss your septic system installation or repair needs.

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